Industrial, Commercial & Domestic Plumbing

Grey Water Treatment System

Custom designed and constructed Grey Water treatment System for Enoggera Army Barracks, Queensland. This device allowed the re-use of grey water for non potable uses such as flushing toilets, irrigation and the like.

Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting operation to clear blocked storm water or sewer drains. This process is more effective than electric eel technology. The process is confirmed via CCTV drain inspection equipment.

Sewer Replacement & Repair

Replacement of main line with new style earthenware. Branchlines in UPVC (unplasticised PVC).

Lab Refurb - Chemical Engineering Bldg, Sydney University

Extend potable water, non-potable water and demineralised water to laboratory fitments. Connect chemical resistant waste piping to sink with electro-fusion welded HDPE piping and fittings.

Fire service booster point -
Main Building, Sydney University

Install fire brigade booster connection point as unobtrusively as possible on heritage building.


Custom design back flow prevention system for a (PC2) Physical Containment Level 2 Laboratory. Installation Location: Blackburn Building Sydney University 2011 This system was custom engineered and installed with multiple devices to protect the University's potable water supply.

Pneumatic & Extraction System

Custom designed and engineered compressed air and ducted extraction installation for a large electronics manufacturer's production line featuring "pick and place" machines and wave soldering units. The system features multiple 2500 l/m extraction system with a 3Pa suction head.

Gas safety valve - Bosch Animal House, Sydney University

Modify inlet gas service to accommodate System 3 Gasguard device. This valve is integrated with the Building Management System to shut off the gas supply in the event that the fire detection system is activated.